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Lauren Dobbins Webb is from Atlanta and knows that sugar does not belong in cornbread. After graduating from Macalester College and studying at the Moscow Art Theatre School, Lauren toured the US and Canada with Missoula Children’s Theatre, enriching children’s lives and rocking a bear suit. Here in LA, she originated the role of Lisa in Theatre of NOTE’s world premiere of Hearts Like Fists. Recent projects include writing and directing short film Missed Connection, which premiered at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival. She is an alum of Improv Olympic and Stephen Book. Lauren is currently recurring on Disney XD’s Walk The Prank.

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Film Name 1    Role     Director Name – AAA Productions
Film Name 2    Role     Director Name – BB Productions
Film Name 3    Role     Director Name – V Productions
Film Name 4    Role     Director Name – F Productions
Film Name 5    Role     Director Name – C Productions


Title of Show 1    Role    Director Name – AAA Productions
Title of Show 2    Role    Director Name – BB Productions
Title of Show 3    Role    Director Name – V Productions
Title of Show 4    Role    Director Name – F Productions
Title of Show 5    Role    Director Name – C Productions


Production Co. 1    Role     Director Name – AAA Productions
Production Co. 2    Role     Director Name – BB Productions
Production Co. 3    Role     Director Name – V Productions
Production Co. 4    Role     Director Name – F Productions
Production Co. 5    Role     Director Name – C Productions




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